I operate my own practice where I offer clients dedication and experience as an attorney in various areas of the law such as contract drafting and review, estate planning, business set-up, family law, landlord/tenant, debt collection, and bankruptcy.

I also offer clients mediation services in areas such as probate, divorce and child custody, employment disputes, contract disputes, and other complex civil cases. From the experience I have gained litigating as an attorney, I sincerely see the value of being able to resolve disputes outside of the courtroom. As a mediator, my goal is to help clients resolve their disputes, rebuild new relationships and focus on moving past their current conflicts by helping them reach an agreement that is beneficial to all parties involved.

I went to law school with the goal to help our society through the use of law and I see every case as a possibility to accomplish that goal. From experience, I know that a “one-size-fits-all” approach to a legal problem is not effective and I am passionate about finding the right solution for each client on an individual basis.