While in law school, Michelle took a class on advanced negotiation and mediation. It was in that class that Michelle realized her true calling. After graduating law school, Michelle started her own law practice where she litigated various matters such as divorce and child custody, contract disputes, probate matters, and real estate transactions. She quickly realized litigation was not for her and chose to become a Utah Court Rostered Mediator.

After getting on the court roster, Michelle took a full-time mediator position with Utah Community Action Program mediating landlord/tenant disputes where she was able to help hundreds of clients resolve issues such as damages, non-payment of rent, and compliance issues with the Utah Fit Premises Act.

After leaving her position with Utah Community Action Program, Michelle completed a domestic mediation mentorship with Utah Dispute Resolution and was became a Utah Court Rostered Mediator for domestic disputes including divorce and child custody. Given Michelle’s extensive litigation background in this area, she truly sees the many benefits that mediation can provide parties, especially when their are children involved.

Since January 2017, Michelle has been a volunteer for Utah Dispute Resolution mediating small claims cases as well as domestic disputes for UDR.

If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Michelle at (801) 755-5732.