Real Estate

Real Estate Agent Services

Michelle is a licensed real estate agent and has extensive experience helping clients with the purchase and sale of various types of real estate. Michelle has assisted countless of her own clients as well as supervised thousands of real estate transactions on behalf of the agents she supervised and one of Utah’s largest listing brokerages. She has provided legal guidance and mentorship to countless Realtors and has assisted when they’ve found themselves in adverse situations due to flawed contract provisions. Michelle knows how to avoid the major perils many real estate clients face when buying and selling real property and she would be happy to assist you in your real estate transaction to ensure that everything goes as smooth as possible. For more information, check out Good Move Realty and we would be happy to discuss your buying and selling needs.

Real Estate Mediation

Michelle knows that the contract is so much more than just a black and white document that obligates the parties and she is skilled at handling the emotion that create the gray areas that arise in some real estate purchase contracts. Unfortunately, things do go south in those gray areas of the contracts and Michelle has a history assisting countless clients in real estate litigation when contract obligations were not fulfilled or misrepresentations were made. Michelle no longer litigates but would be happy to assist you or your clients with mediation for the deals that got held up in the gray.

Agent Representation 

Michelle has handled countless matters with Utah’s Division of Real Estate including drafting complaints, responding to complaints made against brokerages or agents, and appealing decisions made by the Division of Real Estate in regards to agent licensing or other Division findings. If you are an agent or broker who needs legal assistance with your matter with the Division of Real Estate, we will be happy to assist.

Contract Review and Legal Assistance

Michelle has spent most of her career negotiating, reviewing, and drafting contracts. If you are a real estate agent or a client who is selling or purchasing real estate and need assistance with contract review or the drafting of specific provisions, we will be happy to provide those services so you don’t find yourself in a gray area of a contract.