Business Planning

Starting a business can be overwhelming. There is a long to-do list with writing the business plan, choosing an entity type, obtaining funding and a business address, not to mention all of the contracts and agreements that need to be addressed, along with ensuring compliance with all state, federal and international regulations depending on your entity type.  We provide general counsel services to multiple businesses, both large and small and we truly enjoy working with business owners in the creation, growth and sustainability of each business. We know the importance of ensuring the protection and compliance of each business we serve.

We offer legal services to assist you with all of these items and will help you feel like your “to-do” list is a little more manageable. And you’ll be in good hands because we have done all of this for countless clients and take pride in your business as if it were our own.

Whether you just need legal guidance on which entity type is the right one for your business, you need an employment agreement drafted, or you want us to handle the entire “to-do” list, we are here to help.

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Business Plan

The business plan is an important document to ensure your business has a viable strategy and is able to accomplish all of its objectives. We can assist you in creating this very important business document and are happy to review and provide any legal guidance to ensure your business starts out, and remains, on a path to accomplish the greatest success.

Entity Creation

Whether you are in the initial set-up phase and deciding what entity type is best for business, or you are an established business looking to change its entity type, we are here to help! We can assist you with identifying which entity type will best help you achieve the goals of your business and establishing the legal documents needed to protect you and ensure long-term success.

Review of Business Materials

Building a brand and marketing that brand is crucial in creating a successful company. Yet, there are many state and federal requirements that each business must be aware of and ensure that all of their materials are in compliance with these requirements.  We have assisted multiple business in reviewing materials and the industry specific regulations that each business must follow. We would love to assist you in the creation and/or review of any materials you have to ensure that your business remains compliant so you have the best opportunity at long-term success.

Risk Assessment

In bringing a new business, product, or service to the market, each owner faces a myriad of risks. We have pride ourselves in our ability to provide a solution-driven risk assessment of various types of business models and ideas.

Real Estate

Many businesses require a physical place of business. Whether you are looking to lease or purchase a place for your business, we can assist with identifying the best property for your business and can assist with the purchase or lease of that property.

Contract Review, Negotiation, and Drafting

Contracts may seem like a black and white document to some but it is incredibly important to ensure that all of your business contracts are carefully reviewed, drafted and negotiated  to ensure that you fully understand all of your obligations as well as are aware of any ambiguities that should be addressed prior to signing the agreement.

We have reviewed and drafted thousands of contracts including employment agreements, SaaS agreements, partnership agreements, vendor agreements, affiliation agreements, and client agreements. With our vast knowledge and experience we would love the opportunity to assist your business with any contract reviewing, negotiating, and drafting needs.